For women who want to undergo a breast augmentation operation in Verona, the best surgeon is Dr. Massimo Corso, a specialist in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

Breast augmentation with the methods employed by Dr. Massimo Corso is a minimally invasive surgery with very limited scarring. Drains are placed in selected cases, there are no external sutures and the volume, the type of the prosthesis, the position are calculated precisely. The results are optimal with less discomfort for the patient.

Breast Augmentation in Verona is an operation that many women choose to undergo if they have underdeveloped or disproportionate breasts to the rest of the body.

Our facilities provide all the competence and professionalism of a medical staff specialized in medicine and aesthetic plastic surgery. For each woman who decides to resort to cosmetic breast surgery, a careful evaluation is carried out to identify the ideal intervention.

The costs of a Breast Augmentation can vary according to the prosthesis used and the technique indicated. We ensure high quality standards and the use of the best breast implants on the market, certified and guaranteed, to all our patients.

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