Execution: 90 ′

Anesthesia: local or general

Discharge: same day

Back to social: 4 days

Dressings: 1/5/14 days, 1 month sun exposure




In cases where the cutaneous-adipose excess is not so significant as to indicate a classic abdominoplasty , a mini abdominoplasty can be used. This intervention aims to eliminate laxity, adiposity and sub-obelical stretch marks.


The navel is left in place or lowered by 1/2 cm in the cases indicated. The incision is always placed below the bikini line and is significantly shorter than that of the abdominoplasty. There will therefore be no peri-umbilical suture.


It is particularly indicated in long-limbed patients with a good pubic-navel distance and in those with unsightly scarring of the lower abdomen adhering to the muscle band. The mini-abdominoplasty does not resolve excess skin or fat in the supra-umbilical region.


Executable in day surgery, it provides elastic dressing with a post-op binder for at least 2 weeks. Recovery is rapid, 5 days for less strenuous activities and at least 4-5 weeks for the recovery of athletic functions.


This variation can be performed under epidural anesthesia as well as general or sedation. The duration is significantly shorter, just over 1 hour.


In this case, to adequately complete the finessing of the abdomen, it is often advisable to combine the mini-abdominopasty with  liposculpture of the posterior hips, the upper abdominal quadrants and the suprapubic region, potentially also associating it with an enhancement of the aesthetics of the genitals ( intimate cosmetic surgery ).